The purpose of this ministry is to assist in making members and visitors feel comfortable as they enter into the house of God, and to keep order during church services.

To maintain a structure that will aid the Pastor in delivering the Word of God, by maintaining order and ensuring there are no distractions or disturbances so all attendees may feel comfortable and at ease to receive the message.


Why is the Usher board necessary?

1.    Church Ushers welcome worshipers to the church, and are soul winners for Christ.
2.    Church Ushers are forerunners who prepare the church for its guests.
3.    Church Ushers are doorkeepers in the house of the Lord, who guard the door during service,   keep order, and keep a watchful eye in the House of God.
4.    Church Ushers greet the worshipers and visitors with a pleasant smile, a warm welcome and direct them to a comfortable seat.
5.    Church Ushers also act as an information resource for the church and direct visitors to proper facilities such as restrooms, lobby area, nursery, and general information regarding church services, etc.