Our Goals


  1. Staying committed to God and increasing our relationship with Him through prayer, praise and worship. 

  2. Learning the Word of God, so that we can apply it to our lives by attending weekly Bible Class.

  3. Support the ministry of Love and Grace and the Pastors’ vision for the church

  4. Implement witnessing methods to increase membership and support the growth of the praise dance ministry.

  5. Creating a bond through friendship and fellowship-- loving each other and loving others with unconditional love.



  • To have a Love and Grace Praise Dance Off/Talent Show involving other churches’ dance teams.

  • As a fundraiser, sell a CD of praise dances, which will have all of our dances, pictures and a biography of each dancer.   

  •  To travel around the country showing others how we minister 

  • To sponsor an Annual Young Adult “Your Temple is a Treasure” retreat.